Yoga specialist Allannah shows you a series of postures to relieve middle back pain and thoracic scoliosis. Great for Improving your posture!…

This is a specially selected group of acupressure points for back pain. For more acupressure points videos visit You should …

32 Responses to YOGA for BACK PAIN & CURVATURE of the MIDDLE SPINE with YogaYin

  • neelam chaudhary says:

    hey dere…thnx for the video..i just hope it will work to realign my
    middle spinal curvature…however i havnt try it…wil you plz confirm it
    will wrk fine with my middle spinal curvature defornity..plz help…

  • Patrick Bateman says:

    I’ve had excruciating pain in my upper middle back for the last month. I
    attributed it to my work, which is extremely labor intensive. I am 27
    years old, 6′ 3″, and 265 lbs solid. Consistently lifting between 45-100
    lbs throughout any given day. I’ve had the same job for 2 years so I
    didn’t know what to think. After doing the stretches shown in this video
    my pain was gone. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I really
    really appreciate it. 

  • neelam chaudhary says:

    hey hello..i am 20 years old girl and i just cautious about havibg a middle
    spinal curvature…can it be totally get straight by doing yoga regulary,
    if yes then how much time should it take approximately..please help..m a
    bit tall 5’7 is my height…so can u please help me out..

  • Prasenjit Duara says:

    Cant thank you enough. I have been sitting for many hours (unfortunately
    slumped) at the computer. Been doing yoga for about year and a half. But
    this just makes my working day.

  • Amanda Walker says:

    Great video! Very gentle poses for my very sore middle back (heart chakra
    area). I found it to be a bit grounding as well… would love it including
    a few more poses! Great for beginners. Thanks so much 🙂 Namaste

  • André Silva says:

    Thank you , I really appreciate it ! I will incorporate it before every
    workout 😉 Namaste

  • angrysquirrel11 says:

    I appreciate you putting this video up. One thing though is that if you
    used more light so it’s brighter in your room I could see what you’re doing

  • YogaYin says:

    I totally agree, however, am moving to a much lighter space in two weeks,
    so should no longer be an issue! namaste

  • YogaYin says:

    Coming soon!

  • YogaYin says:

    It sure does Tavi and I’ll just uploaded the first of a series of YOGA for
    MEN, namaste

  • YogaYin says:

    Hi lovely, I did post one for the lumbar. Just check my channel. namaste

  • YogaYin says:

    Hi Andre, I just uploaded a video for the rotator cuff specifically for
    you. Check it out, Yoga for great arms and shoulders. naamste

  • Tony Bachan says:

    Thank you Allannah! I’ve done yoga for my lower back for years but never
    found any poses that worked for my mid back. These work great. I will be
    incorporating these into my daily routine.

  • Tee G says:

    Love your vibe. Perfect instructor 😀

  • YogaYin says:

    Yes. this is the third request I’ve had for an upper scoliosis video, so
    will do. Will let you know when its up. I understand the difficulty of
    relieving one part of the spine whilst not aggravating the other. Hang in
    there! namaste

  • Christy Parry says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I’ve just been diagnosed with scoliosis
    and kyphosis, and was told I should try yoga to ease the pain. I’ve been
    doing this all week and already notice a difference. Thank you so much!

  • SusanD Stilson says:

    Believe or not, you will find a natural treatments could make it easier to
    take out back pain within 17 minutes.

  • Traci Fior says:

    i am not shopping with you.

  • bigtemarifan says:

    Oh boy you’re a life saver. 17 with back pain, no bueno.

  • Denny Davis says:
  • Alva Art says:

    Omg thank you, you have saved my back! 

  • badgolfer997 says:

    Thanks. I couldn’t even stand up a few minutes ago (well I could but it
    took a minute to stand straight up) and it’s taken pain from 10 down to a
    4. I’m able to walk around.. The 6 Advil I took today did nothing.

  • dancinrainn says:

    Thank you so much! I can actually move around now : )

  • gowmukhi says:

    Wow. A really nice video. I have been practicing acupressure on myself for
    all kinds of problems following a book or images on net. But video helps a
    lot. Thanks again.

  • IntPad ACUPRESSURE says:

    You should do all three points once a day for at least one week, but better
    make it two weeks.

  • MsJanellene414 says:

    what does Find your threshold of pain mean ? I’m sorry about that 🙁

  • Tyler Melanson says:

    OMG, really worked!

  • Lumix says:

    Does it all have to be on the left or right side? I did it and only the
    left side stopped hurting

  • Dani O says:

    Great points thank you

  • Kaz10005 says:


  • kaibafangirl6 says:

    Oh my gosh, I feel so wonderful! You are a lifesaver!

  • IntPad ACUPRESSURE says:

    As this is self help acupressure video, you won’t be able to stimulate
    points on the back by yourself. As you probably know, acupressure doesn’t
    work by only stimulating the points in the immediate vicinity to the
    affected area but also by stimulating points on distant parts of the body
    (many times those points work even better!). In our full version of the
    video you’ll discover two more points that will help you get rid of pain
    even faster and permanently.


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