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16 Responses to Upper Back Pain or Neck Pain? Simple stretches for instant relief!

  • Revy Subterfuge says:

    Me like.

  • Simon Kealy says:

    How the fuck has this got near 600,00views… It’s Garbage. Ye the pain’s
    just their at the ATTACHMENT SITE. Sneaky 5mins on Google would’ve been
    Good for ya.

  • The Flash says:

    This really helped my neck has been killing me the last couple of days.

  • Mike Chrisman says:

    lol… were you a swimmer because most of these moves are common with
    swimmers when they warmup

  • Sha Hall says:

    wonderful. I’ve had this pain for a month now. This really helped. But
    some of those stretches were a bit too fast so I slowed it down.

  • Elann Suvat says:

    I injured my rhomboid major today during basketball shootout and I really
    want to thank you for this. It really brought some relief for the nagging
    pain that I was feeling. Thank you so much!

    Note: Stirring the giant pot was my favorite. It felt so good…

  • TheBestGatsby says:

    My traps have been incredibly tight since I began working out again about
    three months ago. For the last three days, I’ve had terrible pain in my
    upper back, neck, and shoulder. These stretches made a huge difference.
    Thanks so much!!!
    I’m doing these stretches from now on.

  • yeslord yourwill says:

    This was great. Thank you.

  • Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel says:

    thanks, had pain in my shoulder the last 2 days, i guess from being on the
    computer so long, this helped

  • Aprinsa says:

    Cool, might try this. But I figured out that the primary cause of my back
    and neck pain/fatigue was poor diet. Now that I’ve changed my diet, I feel
    very good! Three of the key things I changed in my diet: more potassium,
    more calcium, more protein. Most people do not know that muscle is made of
    all three of those things, among others. And bone is made of not only
    calcium, but also potassium and others.

  • rh13f75 says:

    Thanks a ton, I didn’t realize how immobile that area of my back had become
    since last time I really paid attention to the ROM around there. In return,
    here is a boost for ya! You are smokin hot! Have a great day!

  • Rob Hitchings says:

    Really helpful and simple but effective – thanks for sharing.

  • James Woolley says:

    Just found this video which features various upper back exercises. Has to
    be worth a try because I often suffer from upper back pain.

  • Amanda Liu says:

    This video has really helped me with my neck pain and headaches! 


    I feel like the reverse butterfly is also working on my upper trapezius.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana says:

    Omg Nichole! You are a godsend. Ive been in severe pain for 3 weeks and
    these exercises helped so much, thank you!!


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