Proven by medical study to relieve back pain and improve quality of life. You can learn this program from Dr Lam’s Instructional DVD. Go to for …
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19 Responses to Tai Chi for Back Pain

  • LukeMorrowindmods says:

    thats fixed my back. but one thing. my neck hurts :/ dam it

  • Mothmann78 says:

    pity that these arts arent introduced to children at school to start from
    the beginning of their lives to enhance their well being.

  • heartmindify says:

    thank you for your advice i love chi and qigong

  • saucynugget15 says:

    wow this really helped my arm

  • AlahMak118 says:

    if this good and proven show some testimonals from those who have taken
    this taichi exercise daily?Hope u do it accurately and have been taught
    accurately.!Chinese taichi masters yur comments plse?

  • TheLee2003 says:

    this is good.

  • jingks68 says:

    thanks the vid helped me..

  • Brady2k10 says:

    lets be honest, we’re all gonna suffer sitting at our computers for too

  • Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

    One of the other hidden benefits of tai chi is that it gives your mind
    something ELSE to focus on as you’re working through your pain, as opposing
    to “waiiting passively” for your pain medication to kick in!

  • KsECD says:

    @derrago back pain is something that an elderly arthritis patient with a
    slip disk has, it is uncommon for a 16 year old to have back pain, but only
    if it impairs your ability to live everyday life is it unhealthy.

  • vouspouvez says:

    @derrago back pain ISN’T something that’s only elderly beings have. You can
    have back pain at your age because our back and spine are very sensitive.
    Any movements can bother a nerve or muscle which can give you back pain.
    Also, it depends where you are experiencing the pain and what type of pain
    it is.

  • Nicolesballin says:

    Holy shit! I had instant relief!

  • Kennieg118 says:

    See a Chinese herbal sinseh/doctor not doing taichi! It doesnt help u at
    all . Dont be fooled! Ok I am sorry , its tested its proven it does’nt help
    u it will make it worse for you……..dont be light eared and listen to
    this myth!

  • The Magic Farmer says:

    Tai Chi is also found to be a cancer killer, it reduces the pain and makes
    you live longer in the long term for sure.

  • TheMonstaINC says:

    this is great my back feels great

  • Effthiswebsite says:

    Just watching these is making me feel more relaxed. I’m a sucker for this
    stuff. lol

  • electricprunes1 says:

    what beautiful, graceful, cat like movements

  • monkeystyle90 says:

    @Brady2k10 sooo damn true

  • محمود زيدان says:

    ع لب سيف


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