In this hatha yoga video “Yoga routine for lower back pain Esther shows you some yoga exercises and a yoga routine to help you comb…
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Incorrect Sleeping will irritate the nerves of the spine leading to pain and inflammation of the muscles of the spine. This can lead to pain and numbness int…

37 Responses to Hatha Yoga Routine For Lower Back Pain

  • Ekhart Yoga says:

    Another *Golden Oldie* from Esther Ekhart!
    The Yoga routine is still up to date, the video quality, however, is not
    really up to standards anymore 🙂


  • David Buiting says:

    It is possible to remove your back pain entirely by modify your diet plan
    slightly – I’ve try and now almost relief all the pain. I think you should
    try it

  • Gwee says:

    my back thanks you

  • Juan Agustinus says:

    I gotta download this video. She knows how to explain every single step
    well. Thanks a lot.

  • Hannah Kazmarek says:

    Felt really good, thanks! I was also in a passenger in a car accident five
    years ago, and then again three weeks ago. Although it’s my mid back that
    was sprained, this seemed to be the closest themed video.
    I’ve been watching Ekhart videos for about a year now and was getting to a
    more advanced stage, but now I don’t know where to start. So I’m sticking
    with What feels good 🙂 

  • Mr. Lower back pain relief says:


  • Samantha Stevens says:

    Felt great, thank you!! 

  • Cosine3 says:

    I endured back pain for two weeks before I thought to Google yoga for back
    pain and landed on this website. I felt relief right away. The second day I
    was doing very light exercises. The third day I was back to a regular
    exercise routine. The fourth day I was a good as new. Now I begin my
    exercises with this yoga routine.

  • Lauren M says:

    This made my back feel better almost instantly! I have back problems due to
    a car accident several years ago, and my doctors encourage me to do as much
    physical activity and stretches as I can because my lower back can get
    tight and compressed. This was great! Not too strong but it definitely does
    the trick!

  • Aziz Adilov says:

    Helped a lot. Thank you!

  • Paul Karam Casav says:

    Another *Golden Oldie* from Esther Ekhart!
    The Yoga routine is still up to date, the video quality, however, is not
    really up to standards anymore 🙂


  • Bikash Dahal says:

    Do you make these costly mistakes in your diets? Copy And Paste Into
    Google Morsch Muscle Madness to find out.

  • Samantha Savvidou says:

    I love this woman! She knows what she’s talking about. Also her accent is
    adorable :)

  • Chiropractor Las Vegas Back Pain Relief says:

    Really amazing what this can do. Even if back is not painful, everybody
    should do this.

  • 89aloneman says:

    It is working :). Thank you so much!

  • Ross Audrey says:

    Another *Golden Oldie* from Esther Ekhart!
    The Yoga routine is still up to date, the video quality, however, is not
    really up to standards anymore 🙂


  • Paul Karam Casav says:

    Another *Golden Oldie* from Esther Ekhart!
    The Yoga routine is still up to date, the video quality, however, is not
    really up to standards anymore 🙂


  • Spine Revitalizer says:

    It’s Fitness Friday! Check out this great YouTube video showing some safe
    yoga exercises to relieve lower back pain. Safe exercise and stretching can
    be a great supplement to feeding your spine the proper nutrients found in
    every capsule of Spine Revitalizer!

  • NatureCitizan says:

    awesome many thx miss esther

  • Nolan Reddick says:

    thx esther i feel great

  • fede4real says:

    the exercise Ive described is more or less the resting position basketball
    players do when waiting for the rebound of a free throw shot.I’ve played
    for years,basketball puts alot ofss in thelower back and strenghens it.But
    thats what players do to rest in between the game and relieve tension all

  • celticangel73 says:

    Esther, I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this video. I’ve
    suffered from occasional minor back pain since my teen years and I find the
    yoga exercises in this video give me instant relief. Thank you again!

  • moonhart says:

    I love your videos. They are great! Thank you.

  • RivenrockGardens says:

    Very informative, you explain this very well. These exercises are similar
    to what my chiropractor gave me a pamphlet of… your video makes it much
    easier than a simple diagram can. And yes, they do help relieve my back
    pain, and helped strengthen me again. thanks. You accent is nice with the
    combo of Dutch and just a tiny bit of Irish pronunciation I hear once in a

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hi Megami, some people are a lot more limber and the anatomy of the spine
    and muscles have a lot more play. I would highly doubt yours going to have
    any permanent damage if your not having any bad symptoms. I think you’ll
    stay beautiful and have a long life. 

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hi m andy, the reason why we recommend firmness in a bed is to keep the
    contour/alignment in the spine. You are not going to develop a
    hunchback/kyphosis from sleeping. That’s more of an erect posture
    imbalance and instability condition. Try to focus on keeping straight
    alignment of your spine while sleeping with your knees bent in a fetal
    position with pillow between knees or pillow under the knees on your back.
    Try not to sleep on the stomach, that’s worse than sleeping on a soft bed. 

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hey Charbel, I would recommend lower back stretches. There are many
    stretches you can do. I recommend Youtubing it here. Knee chest,
    piriformis, etc. 

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hi, spondylosis is just degenerative changes in the spine. At 23 you are
    not going to have lots of it, as it follows long term / age. With what you
    call a pinched nerve, who diagnosed it? Did you take an MRI and if no it’s
    hard to determine nerve compression by examination or even x-ray. You can
    possible just have inflammation and you should give it time with ice and
    Physical therapy if needed. Most of the time the body can take care of its
    own problems. Surgery is only needed if you have neurological impingement
    which would lead to neurological deficit like loss of reflexes, muscle
    atrophy/wasting and muscle weakness. Hope this helps. Doc Alan

  • motivationaldoc says:

    I’m happy this can help you. 

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hi fire Z, and pertaining to your disk you have any lower cervical spine
    don’t let that panic you or make you crazy. The more you observe and
    nitpick about your disk the more complicated it will be for you to deal
    with your day to day stresses. The most important thing for you to
    understand is to make sure that your neck is not flexed downwards or
    upwards as result of a pillow that is too low or too high. Make sure that
    your neck is straight as if you were sitting up or standing up when you
    sleep on your right or left side. If you’re going to sleep on your back
    there are cervical pillows out there that will help support the cervical
    lordosis. There’s nothing to worry about with cervical bulging in the
    cervical spine. Watch your posture particularly while sitting up in a chair
    or in bed and while using a laptop or computer. Try to be careful to make
    sure that your ears stay in line with your shoulders and instead of flexing
    your neck forward Jut the chin downwards. Good luck. 

  • Him Labot says:

    Science has shown that a person’s body have the ability to deal with
    sciatica pain in a natural way, without the need for any synthetic
    medicines, experience painful surgical treatment, as well as changing your

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hi Steve, I happen to catch your message as I’m not always on. I know the
    effects of sciatica and it’s not fun. Importantly keep the knees bent as
    that opens up the space where the nerve exits in the lower back. Also,
    start doing piriformis stretches. I believe I have a video on that or just
    type it in Youtube as that’s important too. Make sure your stretching your
    hamstring muscles as well. Good luck. Doc Alan

  • Morris Stionedus says:

    Nice Clip! Thanks.

  • Lorena H. Strickler says:

    Scientific research has proven that human body have the ability to prevent
    sciatica naturally, without needing any kind of synthetic medicines, suffer
    from painful surgical treatment, or even changing your diet.

  • Sarah M says:

    I was sleeping in the positions you described for a long time, at least
    trying to. With reflux problems and an overactive bladder due to a
    tethered cord (and lumbar degeneration), they weren’t working well for
    me. I’d start on my side and often end up flat on my back and end up
    waking to urinate as the pressure on the back seems to aggravate it, and
    the pillow tends to move around. Plus on my side, I’d bring my knees too
    close to my chest, unintentionally while sleeping, and I think I was
    causing myself pain, like unexplained pain in my sides, and maybe doing
    damage to my internal organs.

    I don’t have a headboard to prop myself up well and started propping myself
    up against the armrest of my couch with pillows and putting a pillow under
    my knees. It’s gone not badly sleeping on my couch like this for almost a
    year now, but I woke up with a pinched nerve in the thoracic area yesterday
    and it’s been painful. I know my ear and shoulders don’t always line up
    the way I sleep but I’m at a loss for what to do. (Even when I slept the
    right way on my bed, I’d wind up pinching nerves in my neck a couple times
    a year just by turning my head to the side in the morning or stretching out
    my arms the wrong way.)

  • Aaron Chetram says:

    You are awesome you have changed my life. Ive had years of neck pain
    because of the way i was sleeping. Thank you!

  • Lora C. Pitt says:

    To stop your sciatica completely, you have to remove the root cause of your


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