Dr Saran’s 5 Steps to Lower Back Pain Relief Lower back pain or lumbago is a musculoskeletal disorder affecting 80% of people at some point in their lives. I…

17 Responses to 5 Steps to Lower Back Pain Relief

  • tausif pathan says:

    dr. saranjeet sir, meri umar 30 sal hai. mai pichale 9 salo se back pain se
    pareshan hu aur 3 sal se back pain ki exercise kar raha hu. but thoda
    relief hota hai par badme fir se pain shuru ho jata hai….pls advice
    dijiye thax… 

  • Kyle Guerra says:

    Hello doctor i found your video very helpful but im not sure if the pain
    will go away for a long time. Im 13 years old, 5 1″ and 140 pounds do you
    think you know the cause of my lower back pain? It only happens when i
    exercise or bend down. Please help me i am trying out for the boys
    basketball team this year!

  • Dinesh Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Saranjeet.

    thanks for the video. i am feeling low back pain because of speed breaker
    hit while was i driving bike, should i do these exercises? awaiting for
    your reply 

  • MsXtralarge says:

    Dear Dr. Saranjeet singh, i am from kuwait ,my age is 32 years , i have
    lower back pain from long time but recent 3 months its chronic.one right
    leg also having trembling some time .one doctor here taking x-ray, he
    found, my lower back disc between gap is almost very less, as should be, so
    he gave me ten days pain relief medicine,its only effective for some time ,
    my working style almost sitting 5-6 hours sitting daily on chair in front
    of PC.and my weight 85 kg , 5’7″. I am also running for reduce weight .
    Please suggest me your video exercise is suitable for me & any other
    suitable treatment ?

  • vikas bhardwaj says:

    Hello sir. I have been facing back pain since last three months. it is
    intense at the spine. I work in IT field and sit for a long time in front
    of computer. currently my physio is treating me with EMS(Electro muscle
    simulator). is it good? should i do these exercises also? thanks in

  • prashanth bommakanti says:

    Hello Doctor I have been suffering from lower back pain since last December
    tried many exercises but after doing these am really happy that I could
    find lot of relief, Tons of thanks doctor, and ya as am a software engineer
    I do sit a lot so how to stretch my back after every 20 min of sitting..

  • Jodie Griffin says:

    I’ve lived with back pain for decades until found a excellent treatment.

  • Saurabh Srivastava says:

    Hello Doc Saranjeet Sir.

    I am 29 years old and working as a assistant professor in an engineering
    college. from last ten month i am facing the back pain so i gone through
    many doctor and they suggest me to go for X Ray and MRI. in the MRI report
    a small compression in the spine D11, D12, D13. Doctor said no medicine
    will work. please advice me what i will do. one more thing i want tell you
    my height 5.4 and weight is about 76 kg and have the stomach also. please
    advice me something what i will do


  • Sam Bous says:

    Thanks very much doctor I’ve had lower back pain for the last 3 months I’ve
    been living on pain killers and spend a lot for acupuncture massage and
    cupping nothing helped like this 5 step exercise I’ve been doing it for few
    days and works like magic .

  • Parallel Universe says:

    Hi doctor, I’m 12 years old and I been having a back pain since last week
    (Saturday) it doesn’t hurt when I lay down face down but it really hurts
    when I lay on my back do you have any advice for me?


  • Haris Khaleel Chowdhary says:

    Dear Dr. Saran ji, i am 52 year old, two years back i had L5 S1 micro
    detctomy surgery,due to numbness in my right leg and sever pain in back.
    this was happened due to luggage lifting in air port. after operation
    still i am having numbness in feet last two fingers(small fingers) and
    heel. kindly quid me the excersise or further solution.

  • Amol Kachare says:

    Hi sir Amol again sir i think i knew the reason i am a body massager i mean
    i do the body massag of people from last 5 years but now i am not & i think
    this is reason which i am sufring this problem.i have my weight constant 70
    kg.sir please recommend mi sum natural things which have calcium.sir i am
    in tension & my family also my whole future is still waiting.sir
    what should i do.thank you sir 

  • emmanuel emeka says:

    I am having a severe pain from my back waist to my knee and i’ve taking all
    sorts of pain killer even infusion and massage no way. What do i do?

  • yebkib says:

    Thanks it helped me a lot!

  • Shannon Abdool says:

    Hi doctor. Last year is was diagnosed with two disc buldge and scoliosis.
    Are these exercises okay for me to do. Thank you in advance

  • Krishna Prasad says:

    hi sir, its really worth doing.thanks a lot

  • naveen kumar says:

    Thankyou so much Saranjeet ji for the good exercises.


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