Travel Tablet Pad Plush Pillow Holder Multifunctional Sleeve Pocket Case Kindle

1 Brand New Super Comfortable Tablet iPad Holder Travel Plush Pillow Stand With Pocket ! This plush brown micro suede iPad tablet holder has a specially designed cradle in it which will hold your device just right the entire time. Great way to use your iPad or tablet comfortably on a plane, at home, in the office, or anytime you dont want to get tired of holding it. Tablet and iPads will fit into the pillow with or without a case and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. A 3 inch pocket is perfect for holding small items, such as writing utensils, headphones, cleaning cloths, and more. Propping your device on this pillow is also a great way to use it on your lap for the perfect viewing angle to protect vision and avoid back and neck pain. Cover is 85% Polyester 15% PU with a fill of 100% polyester cleans with a damp cloth. Perfect gift for those who own a tablet.

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