How to Deal with Your Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain: A Preventive and Self Treatment……

The author of this book received his formal medical education at Saint Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University. At a scientific level, Dr. Batmanghelidj (Batman-ge-lij) provides for the layman the most clear and comprehensive book written on the origins of chronic pain. His clinical and scientific research expose for the first time that the often recurring chronic pain is a signal system of the body indicating severe general or local dehydration. Most of these pains can be relieved by ordinary tap water, but instead, often receive costly pharmaceutical medications.In this book, back pain and rheumatoid joint pain as indicators of local chronic dehydration are explained. The mechanisms involving the important role of water in holding the spinal column together are discussed. Based on years of detailed study of the human anatomy and the science of physiology, a new exercise approach for the successful hydration of the disc core, the retraction of the displaced discs and the immediate relief even from sciatic pain is clearly explained and demonstrated.This book is unlike any other how-to book on the market. This is an instructive presentation about the very simple way of finding comfort from two of the most commonly occurring pains of the body: Low back pain and rheumatoid joint pain.

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