Book of Baseball Stuff

Jam-packed with cool trivia, history-making records, and unforgettable moments, The Book of Baseball Stuff hits a grand slam right out of the park! It?s rich in anecdotes about team superstitions (from the black cat that haunted the Cubs to the Curse of the Babe), the antics of the superstars, and other stuff that comes out of left field. Think today?s umpires have a temper? Wait till you read about the 19th century New Jersey ump who pulled out a gun and shoved it in the face of a player who came at him with a bat. Or about the time three Brooklyn Dodger runners found themselves at third base?together. Fans will laugh, they?ll learn?and they won’t put this down! Features thirty cartoons highlighting the humor of the situation, as well as a look back at all the things that make baseball so special.

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