The agonizing pain grips your back and you curse the moment you bent over to pick up that pencil from the floor. Back pain can cause so much agony, especially when you realize that even your day to day activities have turned into monumental tasks. That mild ache turns into a pain that catches you off guard and leaves you feeling helpless. Most people reach for a pain relieving cream, but it would be worth your while to actually look into ways to address back pain for the long term rather than getting only short term back pain relief. Here are a few tips that can definitely help in giving you relief from that pain in your back:

Being active is key – If you have taken it far too easy with exercising, now is the time to wake up and start a regular program of exercise. Exercise can range from simple and slow walking sessions to swimming and perhaps even riding a bicycle for half an hour every day. This can definitely enhance the strength of your muscles and also bring some flexibility to your body.

Yoga – Often back related aches and pains are connected with having the wrong posture while sitting and working, which can be changed with regular yoga practice. But remember yoga is best practiced with an experienced teacher or practitioner because it is all about breathing control and learning the correct postures. Know more on back pain exercises.

Correcting posture – Ensure that you are aware of the way you stand or sit; that slouching habit needs to go. When you stand, balancing your weight on both feet is essential since it’s your back that ultimately supports your weight.

Work place corrections – There can be immediate back pain relief if your work place is also corrected to accommodate your body. So ensure you have a desk that is at a comfortable height for your work. Also ensure that you have a decent chair that supports your back.

Be comfortable – Ensure that you are comfortable, and that includes your shoes as well. It is time to give up on those high heeled shoes and settle for low heeled ones, especially if you want that nagging pain in the back to go away.

These are just a few tips that can help relieve you of your back pain, but you should also ensure that you eat well and watch your weight. Here’s hoping the above mentioned tips do in some way alleviate those aches and pains.


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