The feet are the foundation for our bodies.  All of our weight is placed on them as we stand and transferred through them as we move. If our feet are functioning correctly, our foundation is as it should be.  However, if our feet do not function correctly, we can experience discomfort and pain not only in our feet, but also throughout the other joints in our body, including our back.

Consider for a moment that all of our joints must be correctly aligned to function properly.  Further consider that if one or more joints are not aligned, undue pressure is placed on the other joints as they try to compensate for the misaligned adjacent joints.

When the foot arch is properly supported, the feet tend to function smoothly without any discomfort.  Properly functioning means the arch smoothly transfers weight from the heel to the forefoot as we step or run.  To do this, the foot must be balanced, stabilized and aligned.

Over-pronation is an inward rolling of the foot at the ankle. Some pronation is natural but when the rotation of the foot is excessive, the over-pronation causes an imbalance, destabilization and misalignment of the foot which in turn causes other joints to move out of alignment.

The over-pronation causes excessive rotation of the foot which pressures the ankle, lower leg, knee, thighbone, hip and finally the back all to excessively rotate.  This rotation forces a drop of the hip on one side which then pressures the back to move out of positional alignment.

The result is pain.  The pain can be felt in the feet, ankles, knees, hip, and/or back. The pain can be felt in one joint or in all the joints.  Often, only one area becomes painful as that one area absorbs the brunt of the pressure forcing the poor alignment.  The back being the area with the most connecting bones frequently becomes the most inflamed and painful area.

However, when the feet are properly aligned, stabilized and balanced, the amount of rotation is reduced to a normal level and with that, stress on the joints and back is reduced.

Superfeet Premium Insoles can provide the support and motion control necessary to insure proper foot arch function.  These Orthotic Insoles help to restore and maintain a strong, healthy foundation.

For some people, the body will take some time to adapt to the Orthotic Insoles just as the Orthotic Insoles take some time to adapt to the unique shape of our feet.  But given a chance, the Orthotic Insoles will realign the foot arch which will stabilize all the other joints – ankles, knees, hip and back.

it is important to realize the condition and pain did not happen overnight and restoring the body to the correct positioning will also not likely happen overnight.  Healing will take time and patience.

Superfeet Orthotics are proven to help improve the lower back and continue to work up through the mid-back and the neck. Proper alignment is essential to good health and this begins with our foundation – our feet.

In short, the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bone is connected to the back bone….

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