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RockTape 2 Pattern Active Recovery Kinesiology Tape

Endurance Tape for Athletes. RockTape Improves Athletic Performance by reducing muscle fatigue. Unlike conventional tape which constricts blood-flow, RockTape lifts the skin away from muscles which increases blood flow. RockTape also helps support the muscles which helps prevent fatigue. RockTape stretches just like your skin – wear it anywhere or anytime. Treats sport injuries. Prevent Fatigue. Enhance Performance. Use For: Running: planters, knee and shin support. Cycling: thigh and calf support. Swimming: shoulder issues. Soccer: Achilles tendon. Golf: elbow and lower back. Tennis: elbow, rotator cuff. Great for basketball, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, football and other sports. How It Works: Made for competition, RockTape is the only kinesiology tape engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like: runners, swimmers, and cyclists. Unlike other products, RockTape can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling. When applied over a stretched muscle, RockTape lifts the skin which accelerates blood flow. This acceleration increases the amount of oxygen available to the muscles. Additionally, this increase in circulation promotes lymph drainage and the removal of lactic acid which helps endurance athletes manage fatigue. These combined effects are powerful; they allow the athlete to go harder for longer periods. And unlike compression garments, RockTape can be applied to very specific areas of the body, areas that are sometimes hard to reach such as shoulders, knees and joints. Reduce muscle fatigue. Promote blood flow. Prevents cramps. Aids in recovery. Water resistant. Latex free. 180% elasticity, full range of motion. 5-10 applications per roll. This product and its website are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Warranties and remedies are limited to replacement cost.

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Almost everyone experiences lower back pain. It is a common thing for people at ages 35- 50 years old. It may last for some days, weeks, many months or it can also linger for years. But there is no need to worry for there are ways for effective treatment of lower back pain.

Taking note of the symptoms is very important in order to identify it and be able to get proper remedies. One basic signal that one has a lower back problem is that there is a feeling of stiffness, discomfort, and an experience of back strain.

Observing the duration of the pain is also necessary to identify if it is an acute or chronic problem. An acute problem can linger in tension for five to six weeks. While for semi-acute one, it could be seven weeks up to twelve months. If it continues for more than twelve months, it is considered to be chronic pain.

If ever you are experiencing something aside from this aching, like constant tension especially at night, your legs are excruciating, swollen back, there is lack of sensation of your buttocks or there is low bowel control, then you have to seek help from your doctor. Consider these signs to be a serious condition and it requires immediate doctors advice for treatment of lower back pain.

As soon as the doctor checks and diagnoses the condition, then he can give you self-help pointers but if ever you are experiencing it to be severe, then a physical therapist can be consulted. However, for chronic cases, your doctor should advise you to visit a back clinic to check whether it is recommended for pain-relieving injections or for more advanced treatment of a lower back pain, at which point a spinal injection may need to be done.

For a mild condition, self-help procedures are suggested. To get temporary relieve from it, stay alert and active. You should try to do your daily routine as best you can. Do not keep lying in bed for extra long periods of time, as this can worsen the problem. As much as possible, lessen your bed rest. You may also place a readily made hot pack or a cold pack near by to be used on the targeted region in your back.

You may be advised to see a physiotherapist who can help in recovering proper mobility for rapid treatment for a lower back pain problem. Usually, there is a specific exercise series like accurate stretches for particular back pain relief.

Sometimes, the best advice could be varied methods like correcting your posture, a specific work out routine or perhaps a massage that lessens the throbbing. It is always necessary for professional advice rather than ending up in the gym with trendy exercises and fun stretches that give you little or no relief.

There are also tools that you can use, which will help you to perform accurate stretches that would loosen tightness and stiffness. Another treatment of a lower back pain problem, offered by experts is acupuncture. Usually, it is needed for at least three months. However, for chronic cases, back surgery may be needed.

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